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THC: 60.5%
CBD: 2.51%

Buy Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil Online, The strain has a particular, impactful gassy stench that is combined with an energizing burst of vitality. Having Sativa ancestry, it is right to accept that Sour diesel will predominately influence the brain. Patients commonly utilize Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil as their first wellspring of medicine to begin the day; it’ll make them feel wakeful and prepared to go. Sour D influences your head solely; there’s positively no love seat bolt or overwhelming body feeling. The manner in which I consider Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil is like how a puppy responds when it sees a squirrel. Head livens up, in a split second mindful of your environment, and kind of tuned into your condition like you’ve never been. It appears to work with the mind to make huge amounts of thoughts and vitality

About the Strain

Sour Diesel, now and then called Sour D, is an animating sativa-prevailing strain named after its impactful, diesel-like smell. This quick-acting strain conveys empowering, fantastic cerebral impacts that have pushed Sour Diesel to its incredible status. Stress, agony, and sadness blur away in durable alleviation that settles on Sour Diesel a best decision among restorative patients. This strain flourished in the mid 90’s, and it is acceptable to have plunged from Chemdawg 91and Super Skunk.

A portion of the impacts detailed from Sour Diesel Maryjane Oil include:






Patients report Sour Diesel maryjane help them manage:





Head Aches

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Sour Diesel Cannabis Oil


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