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An affordable and easy to use pocket-sized vaporizer from Boundless with a fast heat-up time and five temperature settings.



The black CF Vaporizer from Boundless measures 10.4 by 6.2 by 3.2 centimetres and is built from medical- and food-grade materials. It has a patented Enclosed Airflow System technology, a fully isolated air path for clean vaping and a large herbal chamber that heats up to 180˚C (356ºF), 187˚C (369ºF), 196˚C (385ºF), 204˚C (399ºF) or 212˚C (414ºF) in around 20 seconds. It comes with a water pipe adapter, a cleaning brush, a stir tool, a USB charging cable, two extra mouthpiece screens, three chamber screens and a three-year warranty. All sales are final.


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