BUYING CANNABIS AT Alpha Marijuana Store
Shopping, Shipping & Delivery
What to expect when you shop marijuana online.

You can buy ANY Quantity at ANY time.
You don’t need an account, but billing and delivery info will be required to complete an order.

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We created an online experience that makes it easy to find and buy cannabis products, complete with thorough descriptions and filters that let you easily customize your search.

Choosing products.
Our filters let you easily search. As you shop, our system will track what you put in your cart to keep you within the allowable limits.

Buying Products.
No account is required to make purchases, although your billing and delivery information is required to ship your order. You will also be asked to verify that you are at least 19 years old to confirm your purchase.

Paying for Products

We currently accept Paypal, Visa, Master Card, Zelle, Cashapp, or Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency, Wired Transfers , If you have any alternative payment methods KINDLY CONTACT US VIA LIVE CHAT or Email support@alphamarijuana.org with your preferred Payment Method, Thanks

Shipping Options

We use different Couriers and Shipping companies and you will be provided with Tracking Numbers

Receiving Your Order

Anyone in your home 19 years of age or older may sign for and receive the package. Individuals will be asked by Delivery agent to provide valid government identification to confirm their age. Your purchase will arrive in a plain, nondescript box. Please make sure it’s immediately put in a safe place and away from children and pets.

If no one is available at the time of delivery, the agent will leave a notice with the location where your package can be picked up.


Under certain conditions, some unopened products may be returned within 7-14 days of purchase. Please see our return policy or email us via support@alphamarijuana.org